About Us

Communication Network has over 15 years of experience in mapping solutions to business objectives to help your business grow. With a history of installs, over a thousand, we are known for our attention to detail, candid conversations, long-standing relationships and ease of doing business.

Mission & Philosophy

The team of professionals at Communication Network is dedicated to offering best-in-class products, services, and solutions to transform local businesses into great workplaces.

We treat every business as if it were our own as it affects many people in our community. Our goal is to provide you with a complete solution.

All our technicians hold various levels of certifications from ITIL - Information Technologies Infrastructure Library. We take up challenges as opportunities to demonstrate who we are.

Building long-term relationships with our customers has always been our goal and we believe that it is the right way to do business. Whether it is a client, a peer, or someone new to the industry, all relationships are important to us.

Hear from Our Founder

My name is Kim Goff. I am a proven business leader in our local community.

I bring more than 15 years of experience in helping Idaho businesses grow, by mapping solutions to their business objectives. My ability to get it right the first time makes servicing an account a lot more productive.  

I have a special connection with carrier services. A relative introduced me to the industry and that played a crucial role in laying the right foundation for my business.

Kim Goff

She taught me that: "It's not what you put at the end of the wire, nor is it the information traveling through the wire, the key to success is in the relationship and helping the client win in the strategy of business."

At Communication Network we have a combined experience of 30 plus years in commercial telecom and IT.